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About Tooth Extractions in Canton, GA

Keeping your oral health at its optimal may mean that you need to have a tooth extracted. Our skilled dentists will know what is needed for your specific situation and decide on your treatment accordingly. A simple extraction is utilized to take care of a tooth that has emerged from the gumline. This type of extraction is typically offered for a tooth that is not fixable. Meanwhile, a surgical extraction removes a tooth or teeth that have not erupted from the gums, such as the wisdom teeth. Regardless of your reason for requiring tooth removal, our highly trained team will help you feel comfortable and cared for. Our office in Canton, GA has access to many sedation methods, including laughing gas and oral sedation, to help keep you calm throughout your treatment. Get in touch with our team to get more information or to book an exam so we can decide if you require tooth removal.

When Is a Tooth Extraction Needed?

If one or more of your teeth have broken for any reason, our dentistry team will find a solution with a dental cap or oral filling. However, if these efforts are not viable, tooth extraction could be provided. Individuals could also require an oral extraction to get rid of teeth that won't easily fit into their smile, such as the third molars, which commonly grow in between 17 – 21 years old. In older children, baby teeth that have not come loose might have to be extracted to create space for new teeth. Before you get traditional braces or Invisalign® aligner trays, we may recommend the extraction of one or more teeth to create space as they move into alignment.

How Is a Tooth Extraction Performed?

Personalized sedation options are offered at our facility in Canton, GA for surgical extractions to ensure that you are kept at your most comfortable during your dental treatment. The kind of sedation you get will depend on the kind of removal procedure you're receiving and if you have any serious dental care insecurities. Before the procedure starts, our team will make sure that you're relaxed. Once you're ready, we will perform the extraction. For a simple extraction, our dental care practitioners will utilize exact approaches and medical instruments to gently take out the tooth or teeth. A surgical extraction will start with we make an opening in your gums to access the tooth. In several cases, the tooth is broken into several fragments, making it easier to take out. When the impacted tooth is extracted, we will sew the incision closed.

Extraction Aftercare Recommendations

If sedation is needed during any of your procedures, it is recommended that you be taken home after your appointment by someone you trust. A MINT dentistry professional will provide you with post-treatment instructions to enhance your healing phase. Your instructions will be different based on the technique used for your dental extraction, but most patients prefer to stick to a liquid or soft food diet for at least a few days after the procedure. Your face might swell and feel uncomfortable following tooth removal so we encourage using cold compresses, as well as drugstore painkillers. In some cases, a member of our team may write you a prescription for antibiotics or pain medication. In accompaniment with any suggested follow-up appointments, you should continue to attend biannual cleanings and oral exams at our MINT dentistry facility in Canton, GA so our dentists can keep caring for your teeth.

The MINT Commitment

Depending on your insurance, you may have some of your sedation costs covered so our team will figure out all the details during your visit. After your treatment planning session, we will reach out to your insurance provider to confirm your policy coverage and calculate any remaining expenses. For those who don't have insurance, we will explain how you can more easily pay for your care with convenient payment choices or healthcare financing.

Comprehensive Dental Care

If you need a tooth removed that is decayed, a dental extraction has the potential to enhance your smile and dental wellness. Call for a consultation with our team at our respected MINT dentistry center in Canton, GA to learn more about dental extractions, as well as the forms we provide. Our talented team works to ensure that you're comfortable and help you attain the brilliant smile of your dreams.

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