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About Digital X-Rays in Canton, GA

At MINT dentistry in Canton, GA, we only use the highest quality equipment and dental technology available in the industry. MINT dentistry takes digital x-rays, also called digital radiographs, as part of every dental exam to obtain a clear, concise view of your oral health. Digital x-rays help our staff of board-certified dentists to diagnose conditions that are invisible to the naked eye so they can better see the whole picture of your oral health, including your teeth and jawbone. Quite a few dental problems can be diagnosed from digital x-rays, including tooth decay (cavities), cysts, abscesses, bone loss, and tooth impaction. When a condition is found in the early stages, you typically have more options for treatment that are effective and either minimal or noninvasive. During your dental examination, digital x-rays help us to identify and correct concerns.

When Are Digital Dental X-rays Taken?

Your annual exam will generally consist of having dental x-rays taken as a preventive measure. You may also need digital x-rays taken when you're in pain or concerned about symptoms to help our team properly diagnose and treat your problem. Digital x-rays emit less radiation compared to traditional x-rays, but we still prefer to limit how often you are exposed. Though digital x-rays are typically safe for any patient, women who are breastfeeding or pregnant should inform our MINT dentistry team before x-rays are taken so we can provide extra protection.

How Are Digital X-Rays Taken?

Our first step is to have you relax in one of our high-class massaging exam chairs. After choosing whether to watch a show or listen to music on a pair of Beats headphones, we will begin your x-rays. Often done at the start of your appointment, x-rays at our Canton, GA facility only take less than ten minutes. In most situations, we will take images that include all of your teeth. As soon as the digital x-rays are complete, they will be uploaded immediately so your MINT dentist can review the x-rays throughout your exam. If there are any abnormalities, your dentist will show you the issue and go over your treatment options.

What Can I Expect After Digital X-Rays Are Taken?

Your routine oral health exam is most likely when you will have a new set of teeth x-rays taken. During some visits, MINT dentistry suggests a whole mouth x-ray to get a more complete view of not just your teeth but also your jaw. These images will be safely attached to your patient record at MINT dentistry so our dental professionals can observe subtle changes and identify any growing concerns. There is no specific aftercare required following x-rays except whatever dental instructions are given to you by your MINT dentist. Another appointment may be needed if a procedure is recommended. Our team always encourages daily home care, as well as scheduling your professional cleanings every six months at our dental practice in Canton, GA to keep your smile beautiful.

The MINT Commitment

Your annual dental exam, which includes x-rays, will generally be paid for if you have dental insurance because it is considered a preventive measure. Our office will contact your insurance provider to figure out if you will have any additional costs. If you are paying out of pocket, MINT dentistry accepts many different methods of payment, including low-interest financing. Our team is committed to ensuring that you have a thorough dental exam every year at our facility. Our use of state-of-the-art tools, including digital x-rays, allows us to properly care for you and your family.

Clear, Concise Diagnosis

Regular dental care is one of the top ways to get a gorgeous, sexy smile. Digital x-rays are a great tool to help diagnose and treat oral health problems early to give you more treatment options. An important part of a regular dental examination, digital x-rays offer MINT dental professionals an in-depth view so we can identify and address hidden issues before they become painful. To get a comprehensive picture of your teeth, contact our office in Canton, GA to schedule your next exam with digital x-rays at MINT dentistry and keep your smile sexy.

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